Pregnancy with this Miracle Babe

Hi cute people,

As many of you know this baby is our dream and most importantly our MIRACLE. There is no way this sweet little babe should be here. Between having PCOS, Endometriosis, and Cancer I have been told time and time again that we would never be able to get pregnant. Of course that is such a shattering thing to hear when you have dreamed of being a mom since you were born, but here we are 35 weeks pregnant with out little girl. We honestly cannot even wait for her to be here.

Pregnancy has been so wonderful. I have always been so worried about how my pregnancy would go since I have never really felt good my entire life and have been quite sick, but I have been so BLESSED. Pregnancy is the best I have ever felt and it has been really easy for me. I am still able to run everyday and do all the things I normally would. Now that my belly decided to show within the last few weeks it’s getting harder to clean my baseboards weekly as I love to do, but we make it work.

Finding out we were pregnant: I woke up on January 16th at about 5 a.m. (Jared was already at work) I had the strongest feeling to go take a pregnancy test and I thought to myself, yeah right, I’m not starting off my day but getting a negative one like all the others in the past. So I brushed off the thought and started changing into my workout clothes to go running since I was already awake. It kept coming back to me so I just decided to do it. I set the timer tied my shoes and they checked it out and sure enough there was the line. I immediately called Jared in a confusion and of course he didn’t answer and so I just took it all in and couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. I was so thrilled. I went about my morning, ran, ate breakfast, got ready for work, was at work and finally at 11 Jared called me and said “What’s up?” “Sorry I missed your call it’s been a crazy morning at work.” I just starting sobbing and said “WE’RE PREGNANT, WE’RE HAVING A BABY JARED”  I think he was in shock as well like I was early, because no way we should be. It was the greatest thing ever, I wish I could have told Jared in a cute way, but that’s not really how I do things, but it would have been fun. Jared ended up buying one of the pregnancy first tests since the one I took it on was the 88cent ones from Walmart and sure enough the words “Pregnant” showed up on the test. BEST DAY EVER!

Pregnancy cravings: I have loved protein bars and grapes. The first trimester I couldn’t eat any vegetables, which was so devastating to me, since veggies are my favorite, but luckily that quickly passed and we are good and only missed a short amount of time without them. I just would tell myself as long as you’re eating something it’s better than nothing at all, even if it is just gold fish.

Birth Plan: We are going to do a hypnobirth at the hospital. We understand that you cannot plan perfectly how your birth will go but we are excited to try and ready to see what our incredible bodies are capable of. My doctor keeps saying since I run everyday and stand all day that work that my baby is going to just fall out, so we are banking on that. haha Wouldn’t that be incredible?

We seriously are so thrilled to become parents in a few weeks! We have been ready for quite some time and it’s so crazy to think this is actually happening and so soon. I cannot wait to share all the cute baby stuff with you guys as she gets here, and her ROOM is to die for.

Thanks for following along.

xoxo- Jaden

Maternity Photos: Kate Boggs Photography

Tampa, Fl Photographer

Maternity Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories



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