Home Sweet Home.

Wow. Nothing feels better than the cold breeze and the sound of leaves crunching on the ground. The past few days of being home from Thailand have been absolutely beautiful. It has been chilly for all the cozy sweaters and jackets but not too cold to freeze my little bum off. We’ve been able to do so much. We are currently living with Jared’s parents for about 2-3 months until we build or buy our home where we are going to settle down. We were able to unpack all the clothes and get everything settled in and organized. (even had time to color coordinate my closet, whooohooo) We have spent so much time with family it has been so fun, from girls nights to my adorable grandma’s 80th birthday party!

Jared has been searching high and low for a truck to buy since we sold his when we decided to move to Thailand, so if anyone knows of any sweet trucks for a killer deal let us know please. We also have been out and about looking at homes. We found some cute ones yesterday that are modern and seriously adorable they are called still water homes I think? Anyway, they are way cute and the layouts are beautiful from the wood floors to the fresh look with all the white. LOVE!

Coming back to from Thailand has been a little difficult because of the time change but we are hanging in there pretty good. Last night I only woke up once and it was seriously the best night ever! Also, I’ve been basically wearing shorts and dresses for the last few months so trying to figure out “my style” again has been exciting. I love being able to work with cute brands that have unique clothing and offer such fun pieces. I was able to collaborate with the cutest company called FAY WITH LOVE. They are the cutest people ever. Seriously a delight to work with. They have some pretty rad items that you should go check out.

Instagram: faywithlove

Website: www. faywithlove.com/

You will love what you find.

I’m excited to start back up work tomorrow and get back in the grind of things! I have such a big list of things I want to do, make, start, etc. So i’m hoping I can get things under control and be able to do the most things possible and enjoy every second to the fullest.


Have a delightful Sunday!




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