Singapore was AMAZING!

We flew into Singapore from Bangkok and our flights were about $23 per person one way. We rode on Noke Airlines, it was so nice. It was a brand new plane and it was so clean and roomy. We were on the VERY last row, haha we decided to save the extra $12 to have them book our seats for us. We sat by each other and actually the last row was way nice. There was so much leg room since there were only two seats so there was so much room by the window so we were pretty cozy. We arrived to Singapore at about 2 am the morning on Saturday. The local transportation didn’t start until 6 a.m. and we didn’t want to take a taxi to save money so we decided to just “sleep” at the airport. Lucky for us Singapore airport is DOPE. Seriously so nice. They have resting lounges like every 2 minutes of walking, they have a sunflower field, a FREE movie theater, playgrounds for kids, and TONS more. It is so nice. So we found a cozy little corner put our rain jackets on with the hoods up and laid down to rest.  We actually both slept pretty dang good. So we got up and hopped onto the MRT which was connected to the airport. It cost us $2.50 in Sinapore Dollar ($1.83) per person to get to Little India where we were staying. It was a beautiful ride it went up and you could see around the city. We had to make one switch onto the other MRT but it was very smooth because they have signs EVERYWHERE telling you which way to the Downtown line or wherever you were needing to go.

We arrived in Little India and we were starving so we went over to the Tekka Centre, which is a massive market. We bought some delicious green apples and an Asian pear. We also got some incredible Curry and Prata bread, all of this under $5 for both of us for breakfast/lunch. We enjoyed our food and then decided to head to our hotel to see if we could check in early. We stayed at Hotel 165 which was about $47 a night. I would NOT recommend staying at this hotel. It was in a GREAT location but the people weren’t very friendly and the rooms were pretty gross. Not very clean at all. Luckily we were only staying there for two nights so we could handle. We also were only in there for about 8 hours to sleep so it was so worth it to save the extra $200 over the 2 nights since all we needed it for was to sleep.

We set out to explore that day. We first went to the Sri Mariamman Temple which was about a five minute walk from our Hotel, on our way to get some lunch. It was so interesting this temple just in the middle of the city. It was built in 1827, the city’s oldest Hindu temple and it had tons of ornaments all over the surface of it. There were many people in there practicing their beliefs. It was beautiful to see all the detail that goes into these little temples all across the world.

We stopped at Suntec City witch is in downtown Singapore.  (take the MRT EVERYWHERE, it literally goes everywhere you could want to go) We ate at the nice mall there. There were so many delicious options for a great price too. You cannot go wrong choosing to eat from anywhere inside that mall.

We started making our way to the Singapore Flyer which we were so excited to do. It was an easy walk. It’s the worlds largest observation wheel outside of the US. We had to wait for about an hour and a half to ride it because of the weather. There was lighting, rain, and wind. They still fly it in rain but if there is any wind they are not allowed to run it. The wait was wonderful though there was comfortable seating and little cafes and ice cream right there. We were able to take some awesome pictures while we waited (which we were featured on the Singapore Flyers Instagram page, go check it out @singaporeflyer it is pretty awesome). We got up there at about 7 p.m. which was the PERFECT timing. We were able to see the sunset and it was AMAZING. It was so beautiful and inside the little capsule things there were only about 8 people so we had plenty of space to walk around and take pictures without it being crammed in and not enjoyable. We enjoyed the romantic ride and saw such a beautiful sunset and amazing scenery. It was slightly raining the whole ride so it was even more magical. It cost $33 SD ($24 US) for each adult. If you book online before going you can get a 10% discount on your tickets!

The Next morning we hurried off to get over to Gardens by the Bay. This was something I have been wanting to do for so long. I saw the pictures online years ago and thought i’m going to go here one day. Sure enough there we were. We were able to walk underground all the way to the park. It was super cool. Singapore has great ideas with that because it make our traveling so much better not trying to cross crazy busy streets and having arrows pointing us in the exact direction all the way to the park. There are 12 main attractions at this park. You only have to pay for 3 of them though. The two exhibits that you MUST SEE are the Flower Dome and the and the Cloud Forest you buy the ticket and it gets you into both. It’s about $25 dollars per person and an additional $6 if you walk on the OCBC sky walk. WALK AROUND THE WHOLE PARK, it’s a must so you can see everything and get different angles. We went to the Cloud Forest first. It was AMAZING. First you walk into a giant waterfall inside of a green house, like WHAT? It was so cool. And it was just beautiful the whole time you walk on super awesome walkways all the way to the top of the greenhouse while walking through clouds, it was quite the experience. We went to the Flower Dome next and it was cool but NOTHING compared to the Cloud Forest, it was set up for fall time and had tons of pumpkins everywhere and succulents, so cute.

We also went to Marina Bay Sands and visited the Art Science Museum. The Art Science Museum explores the creative processes at the heart of art, science, technology and culture, and their roles in shaping society. It was really interesting and the shape of the building is so cool, its like a flowered shaped building out on the water. Make sure to walk around all the really expensive shops there and get some food in the cafeteria in the mall, so good. They also had a robot who collected the trays at the cafeteria, it was soooo cool!

Go into Serangoon which is like 5 minutes of walking from Little India and we found countless temples and there were like NO tourist over there so it was really cool to see all the temples and have them all to ourselves.

On our way home that night it took us 2 HOURS to get about 3 blocks to our hotel. They had all the roads blocked off because they were doing some sort of religious ceremony. It was so crazy, we were literally stacked touching people and all barely moving with every step just hoping you wouldn’t fall. The crazy thing we observed was how there were NO WOMEN anywhere that whole night. Seriously I saw maybe 5 including myself and THOUSANDS of men. It was really interesting. We felt like we were in straight up India staying where we did but it was fun to get to experience both “India” and Singapore.


-Budda Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

-Merlion Park

-Sultan Mosque

-Marina Bay Sands Skypark (literally a park on top of an extremely tall building)

*Tips for Singapore:

-Take an umbrella, it rained everyday

-Don’t take a taxi take the MRT everywhere

-Don’t Jaywalk, it’s against the law

-Pay attention to how clean it is, it will amaze you

-Smile, people are so friendly and love to smile back

-Get freshly squeezed orange juice from the machines

-Try Sugar Cane Juice, it’s actually really good



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